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Ray's Baptist Succession

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By David Burcham Ray

Revised 1912, 27th edition
Foreword by Dr. Ronnie Simpson
Historical Baptist principles and people have always been an intriguing and important part of my personal study. My interest in this subject has led me to diligently pursue the true nature of Baptist History. I have devoted much time in preparation of lessons taught at Carolina Bible College on Baptist Distinctives.
This study has introduced me to an enormous volume of books relative to the subject. Of these, D.B.Ray's Baptist Succession has proven to be one of the most accurate and informative.
The climate of religious liberalism has created a plethora of modern writers who have erroneously untied Baptist people with Protestantism. Prior to the 20th century all Baptists agreed with the position of D.B. Ray. His work evidences a distinct line of Baptists traceable from the time of Jesus Christ. I personally have record of more than 1,000 Baptist churches, which can trace such a lineage.
I applaud this book as being the landmark for all Baptists in defense of the historical record. Baptist distinctives are plainly discussed in this book and will be a foundation for any Bible student desirous to see his Baptist roots apart from the influence of Catholic and Protestant compromise.


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