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America In Crimson Red - Memorial Edition

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By James R. Beller

Dr. Beller is the author of numerous booklets on doctrine and church planting. He has traveled throughout the U.S. and many countries preaching and devoting his life.

Dr. Beller went to be with the Lord in March of 2014.

This special memorial edition of "America in Crimson Red" includes a tribute to Dr. Beller and his ministry.

America was just an idea in the minds of non-conforming believers who came to her shores in the early 17th century. With the outbreak of the "Great Awakening" in 1740, numbers of colonists were faced with the real crucible of baptism. Embracing "believer's baptism" in huge numbers, the converts of the Great Awakening faced a firestorm of opposition. Unknown to most Americans today, refusing infant baptism meant a loss of citizenship in the colonies.

But a new nation with independent citizenship, apart from the chains of mother England was in the making. The part that the banished and persecuted Baptist people played in securing the liberties of this new nation has long been ignored.

In these pages their long forgotten testimony is retold with vivid fervor. This is the story of scorn, ridicule, and hatred conquered by sacrifice and devotion. It is the story of one group of Americans who through patience and suffering gave us the America we all now enjoy.

Hardback (with dust jacket); 606 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9863504-0-5



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