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Landmarks of Church History (Book 1)

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by: Robert J. Sargent

A detailed study of the history of the Baptists from the time of Christ and the apostles to the present day — set against the backdrop of a general ecclesiastical history. Newly revised, with additional information.

VOLUME ONE: From the days of the apostles to the end of the Dark Ages

  • An Introduction to Church History
  • Christianity in the First Century
  • Christianity in the Second Century
  • Christianity in the Third Century
  • Christianity in the Fourth Century
  • Christianity in the Fifth Century
  • Christianity in the Sixth Century
  • The Growth of the Papacy
  • Light in the Gloom: The Paulicians
  • The Golden Years of the Papacy
  • Medieval Baptist Churches and Groups
  • The Decline of the Papacy
  • The Anabaptists


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