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Deconstructing Calvinism - A Biblical Analysis and Refutation - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from Hutson Smelley

Deconstructing Calvinism - A Biblical Analysis and Refutation

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By Hutson Smelley

This 221-page book provides a scholarly and thorough review of Calvinism. The principles of TULIP Calvinism are clearly presented with extensive quotations from leading Calvinist writers, and then all of pillar verses for the TULIP principles, and most of the other commonly cited proof texts, are carefully exegeted. This book not only demonstrates that the "pillar" passages and other proof texts for traditional Calvinism like Romans 3 and John 6 do not support the doctrine, but also provides an alternative Biblical evaluation under the acronym NULIF (new life). The book also devotes a chapter to the related doctrine known as the eternal decrees of God.

Paperback; 221 pages
ISBN 978-3-60791-679-6


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