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Landmarkism Revisited

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By Robert Ashcraft

Several recent developments in modern ecclesiology seem to demand that we “revisit” Landmarkism. Landmarkism Revisited is presented in seven chapters:
I. Landmarkism Defined - summarizes the primary concepts Dr. Graves presented in his definitive 1880 publication, Old Landmarkism: What is It?
II. Landmarkism in Early America - cites examples of Landmark principles that were believed and followed before 1850, and demonstrates that J. R. Graves was justified in suggesting he was “re-setting” the Landmarks.
III. A Change in Directions - shows the rise of the Separate Baptists, the union of the Regular and Separate Baptists as United or Missionary Baptists, and the development of the “Anti-effort” or Primitive Baptists and the “reform” movement of Alexander Campbell.
IV. Old Landmarks Reset - delineates conditions among the Baptists on the frontier, movements that aided in resetting the Baptist Landmarks, and Landmark separations from the Southern Baptist Convention.
V. Review and Summation - of Landmarkism critiques articles from the January, 1975, Baptist History and Heritage, the official journal of the Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.
VI. Landmarkism Defended - includes Dr. J. R. Graves' defense of the Landmark Position and answers the criticisms offered by Bob L. Ross, in his book, Old Landmarks and the Baptists. Church authority and church succession are the two primary issues considered.
VII. Contemporary Landmarkism - shows the influence of Landmarkism in the American Baptist Association, and also the influence of Landmarkism in the Southern Baptist Convention, particularly in the fundamentalists resurgence which began in 1979.

Paperback; 297 pages


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