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Peter Cartwright - The Backwoods Preacher

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An autobiography of Peter Cartwright


Though you probably won't agree with some of of Peter Cartwright's dogmatism, prejudices and methodology, you can't help but to admire him if not come to love him. As I read his autobiography I laughed and cried and learned....

Without a formal education, equipped with only a Bible, hymnbook and a copy of the Methodist Discipline the outspoken, hellfire - brimstone preacher covered circuits on horseback through Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois for over 50 years, preaching more than 15 thousand sermons and personally baptizing over 12,000 converts.

He became a member of the Illinois legislature, but lost to Abraham Lincoln in a race for congress. He founded Illinois Wesleyan University.

He knew God, and he understood men and issues. Many of his statements on the church, evangelism, slavery, cults and theology were profound and some were prophetic. He had an ever burning heart for souls that drove him on often against incredible forces. He took on infidels, cultists, slave-owners, modernists, ruffians, Indians, heretics, tavern owners and Jesuits with equal fervor and boldness.

Paperback; 350 pages


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